Counseling Announcements



Schedules will be open in Infinite Campus starting Wednesday, August 1st and available at registration on August 6th/7th.


Registration will take place on August 6th and 7th. Next year’s Juniors and Seniors will register on August 6th, Freshmen and Sophomores will register on August 7th. This will be a time for students and parents/guardians to receive their schedules, pay fees, sign up for activities.

Registration Schedule:

August 6th: Seniors: 9a-11:30a, Juniors: 1p-3:30p

August 7th: Sophomores: 9a-11:30a, Freshmen: 1p-3:30p

Freshmen Orientation Day

Freshman Orientation will take place on August 14th from 8a-12p at the high school. Busses will run normal routes for 9th grade students. This is a day lead by our LINK Crew and Ambassador Leaders to support freshmen in transitioning to high school by providing tours and team building activities. Lunch will be provided for students at 12p, buses will pick up at 12:45p.

Have a Great Summer!