Graduation Requirements


Each student will take seven classes during each of the eight semesters in which they are enrolled, for a total of 28 possible credits. (.5 credits per class per semester). All students must have a full schedule.

Failed classes must be recovered during Credit Recovery or Summer School, outside of the regular school day.

26 credits are required for Graduation (Effective for students who started Fall of 2013 or later). Required Graduation Credits are subject to change.


Language Arts:4.0 Credits

9th English I Honors English I

10th English II CP English II

11th American Literature CP American Literature

12th Shakespeare: Beyond Romeo and Juliet

Around the World in 90 Days

Greek and Roman Mythology CP British Literature

Wild Things AP Literature

Speech Journalism

English Comp I (College) English Comp II (College)

English Language Learners (NEP)

English Language Learners (LEP)

High School English


See Language Arts Category for class requirements and descriptions.


Math:3.0 Credits

Algebra I Honors Algebra I

Geometry Honors Geometry

Algebra II CP Algebra II

CP Pre-Calculus AP Calculus

College Algebra College Trigonometry

Intro to Statistics Survey of Calculus

Business Math High School Math


See Math Category for class requirements and descriptions.

(Pass Algebra I or equivalency with a D or better)


Science:3.0 Credits

9th Physical Science Honors Physical Science

10th-11th Biology CP Biology

Chemistry CP Chemistry

11th-12th AP Chemistry Anatomy and Physiology

Physics CP Physics

Astronomy Geology

Environmental Science AP Biology


See Science Category for class requirements and descriptions.


NOTE: Vet Science, Horticulture Science, and Ag Mechanics II can

be counted towards 1 Science credit upon successful completion of

Ag I and Ag II, prerequisite courses, not recommended for all college bound students.


Social Studies:3.5 Credits

9th Foundations of Social Science

10th The World

11th-12th US History AP US History

Economics Civics

Psychology Sociology


See Social Studies Category for class requirements and descriptions.


PE and Health2.0 Credits

9th-10th Health I Physical Education I

10th-12th Lifetime Activities Strength and Conditioning

Aerobics Dance

Advanced Dance First Responder

Athletic Training I


See PE Category for class requirements and descriptions.


NOTE: Any two seasons of participation in an extracurricular sporting activity will count as .5 credits up to 1.0 credits. Paperwork must be completed by the athlete and the coach and turned in to the Counseling Office in order to receive this credit.


Career Pathways:0.5 Credit

9th Career Exploration


Additionally, any course that reflects the student’s goals (career, higher education, and /or pathway) in their 5 year plan of study fit into this requirement.

Electives:10.0 Credits



9th-11th Ag Science I 9th Career Explorations

10-12th Animal Science 9th-12th Integrated Comp. Apps

Vet Science Digital Business Tech

Plant Science 10th-12th Entrepreneurship I

Horticultural Science Entrepreneurship II

Ag Mechanics I Entrepreneurship III

Ag Mechanics II Accounting I

12th Ag Business 11th-12th Business Office Ed

Ag Fabrication 12th Business Work Study

Ag Work Study


Consumer and Family StudiesDigital Comm/Multi-Media

9th-12th Culinary Nutrition 9th-12th- Photoshop I

Child Development/Parenting Photoshop II

Fashion Design/Clothing 10th-12th Yearbook I

10th-12th Catering Yearbook II

11th-12th Independent Living Yearbook III


Industrial ArtsForeign Language

9th-12th Woodworking I 9-12th Spanish I

10th-12th Woodworking II 10th-12th Spanish II

11th-12th Advanced Woodworking 11th-12th Spanish III

12th Furniture and Cabinet


Engineering TechnologyArt and Graphic Design

9th-12th Fundamentals of Drafting 9th-12th Art for the Non Artist

10th-12th Computer Aided Drafting I Art I

Computer Aided Drafting II Graphic Art

11th-12th Computer Aided Drafting III Digital Photo I

Computer Aided Drafting IV Digital Photo II

12th 3D Architectural Drafting 10th-12th Art I 3D Mechanical Drafting Digital Photo III

11th-12th Art III

Ind. Studio Art


Theater/MusicSpecial Education

9th-12th Theater I 9th-12th High School Study Skills

Theater II High School Affective Ed

Concert Band High School Transition

Jazz Band

Prima Voce Other

Bel Canto 11th-12th Student Assistantship

Guitar I

Guitar II

10th-12th AP Music Theory


See specific categories for class requirements and descriptions