Bright Futures Grant

Mandatory Meeting October 14 at 12pm

Bright Futures Grant Information

The best place to find information about the grant is to go to their website. Click Here!

Recently, representatives from the Bright Futures organization came to our school to present information about the grant. We were able to make a video of this presentation and post it on YouTube. If you would like to see the video Click Here!


  • Stay Enrolled at your higher education institute or training program
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA (While in college).
  • Provide Information Updates
  • FAFSA (Must be completed by the application date.)
  • 16 hours of community service in Weld County (per year, 8 per semester)  Click Here! to be taken to the community               service hours form. 
  • The stipend must be started within 2 years of GED or graduation and completed within 6 years.

Here are the application directions from their website:


- Visit the eScholarship site and click on the 'I'm a New Student' button
- Fill out all fields and click on "Create Account"
- Complete application and review uploaded information and sign.
- Enrollment - select 'My College' complete 'School Interest' and fill      out college/institution information.
- Check the status of your application by visiting the eScholarship        portal.
- Receive Award!

Submission of all applications, enrollment and Bright Futures requirements must be complete by the following dates: 

- Fall Semester - June 30th
- Spring Semester - Oct 31st
- Summer Semester - April 30th