Bright Futures Grant

Mandatory Meetings 
Below you will find the Bright Futures YouTube channel; there you will find the Mandatory Meeting Part 1 and Part 2, along with other informational materials.

Bright Futures Grant Information

The best place to find information about the grant is to go to their website. Click Here!


  • Stay Enrolled at your higher education institute or training program
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA (While in college).
  • Provide Information Updates
  • FAFSA (Must be completed by the application date.)
  • 16 hours of community service in Weld County (per year, 8 per semester)  Click Here! to be taken to the community               service hours form. 
  • The stipend must be started within 2 years of GED or graduation and completed within 6 years.

Here are the application directions from their website:


- Visit the eScholarship site and click on the 'I'm a New Student' button
- Fill out all fields and click on "Create Account"
- Complete application and review uploaded information and sign.
- Enrollment - select 'My College' complete 'School Interest' and fill      out college/institution information.
- Check the status of your application by visiting the eScholarship        portal.
- Receive Award!