Scholarships 2018-19

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2018-2019 Scholarships

Kit Faragher Foundation Scholarship $10,000
DUE 3/29
Electronic Application
Hudson Public Library Scholarship $1000
DUE 3/31
Hudson Public Library
Colorado Oil and Gas Scholarship $1000
DUE 3/31
Oil and Gas
 Culinary Art Scholarship $500
Culinary Art Scholarship
Direct Military Relation Scholarship $500
Direct Military
Charter School Commitment Scholarship TBD
DUE 4/5
Electronic Application
Responsible Alcohol Retailers of Weld County $500
DUE 4/6
Electronic Application
Patricia A Young Scholarship $TBD
DUE 4/15
Electronic Application
Livestock Exchange Scholarship $2500
DUE 4/20
Livestock Exchange
Weld County Sheriff's Office Scholarship $500
DUE 4/29
Weld County Sheriff Scholarship
Cibrowski Family Foundation Scholarship $3000
DUE 4/30
Cibrowski family Scholarship
Howard Wakely Scholarship $1000
DUE 4/30
Lions club Scholarship
Brighton Knights of Columbus Scholarship $1000
DUE 4/30
Brighton Knight Scholarship
American Legion Post #180 Scholarship $500
DUE 5/1
Direct Military
Rebel Youth Athletic Scholarship $500
DUE 5/1
RYA Scholarship
Sons of American Legion Scholarship $500
DUE 5/1
Sons of American Legion
Weld Central Education Association Scholarship $500
DUE 5/7
WCEA Scholarship