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After Prom

Posted Date: 02/26/2023

After Prom

We are excited to announce that this year's after prom celebration will be held at Boondock's Food and Fun Center in Thornton! Fundraising will be key to making this a successful event. If you aren't interested in becoming part of the planning committee but still want to help out, please tap into your resources to help with our fundraising success. We would like to be able to raise the funds necessary as a committee and not have to pass the cost onto the students; this will only be possible with your help! The Weld Central After Prom Committee's goal is to provide a drug and alcohol-free celebration for the WC students to participate in after the Prom dance is over.

Ways to help with After Prom:

  • Help raise monetary donations by tapping into your resources and by sharing the WC After Prom GoFundMe on social media.
  • Join us for our weekly meeting, Wednesday evenings at 7.
  • Spread the word about after prom and the reason such an event is vital to the safety of our students.

After Prom GoFundMe