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Important Announcements: From the Advanced STEM Class

Posted Date: 01/12/2024

We are proud to share that 15 students from the Advanced STEM class at Weld Central High School have been working tirelessly on a fascinating project. Over the course of the first two quarters of this school year, these students have built their own fixed-wing drones from scratch. This project has been an incredible opportunity for them to delve into the world of aerodynamics, electronic configurations, electronic soldering, digital coding, and flight skills required to operate an aircraft.


Working in groups of five, the students were able to build three unique drones. Although only one drone had a partially successful flight, all of our students gained valuable experience in research applications, teamwork, and engineering skills. Additionally, they learned about FAA regulations and how to pass the FAA drone examination. We are thrilled to announce that seven students have qualified to test for their commercial drone license later this winter.


Celebrations: Drone License Testing

We want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the seven students who have qualified to test for their commercial drone license! This is a significant achievement, and we are so proud of them for their dedication, hard work, and determination. We wish them the best of luck as they prepare for their exam.

STEM in Real-World Problems

This project is a prime example of how our students are learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in real-world problems and projects. The STEM program is the center of one of the new career pathways that students at Weld Central can choose as future careers and occupations. It is through hands-on experiences like these that our students gain a deeper understanding of these subjects and develop crucial 21st-century skills.